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Vision 2030 began with this question in 2012: “How can Sport best serve Singapore in the coming decades?” In our quest to discover the answer to this, we met with more than 500 people for face-to-face discussions and obtained the views of another 60,000 through online means. In all, we received some 300 unique ideas which allowed us to appreciate ways in which Singaporeans live, think and see the role of Sport in their lives and in society. These ideas were then categorised and crystallised into 20 recommendations to be implemented as the pillars of Vision 2030.

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Since then, Vision 2030 has allowed us to inspire Singaporeans from all walks of life to Live Better Through Sport. We are witnessing the positive impact of this work, evidenced by the increase in overall physical activity levels of the general population across different age segments. Within these seven years, we established partnerships and platforms we could capitalise on for greater growth in sports participation and the amplification of its benefits. 


Today, we are well-positioned to build on what has been achieved thus far and bring sport and its benefits to even more Singaporeans, through a collective effort between stakeholders to utilise the power of sport to realise societal and national aspirations.

The 4 Strategic Themes

These enduring themes became the foundation as well as informed the direction for building and enhancing Singapore’s sport ecosystem.

A life in sport can help people prepare for a rapidly changing world. Through intentional design, sport teaches resilience, tenacity and disciplined thought and action, in addition to its clear benefits for health and fitness. Good sport can offer a parallel pathway to success as it helps people develop the skill sets and principles valued by society. 

Future Ready

Through Sport

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Good sport has room on the board for everyone who wants to play, regardless of age, capabilities, gender or social status. Sport Without Boundaries will provide everyone with the sports programming, physical space and people-support they need to pursue an active, healthy life through sports. 

Sport Without Boundaries

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Sport can unite us as friends, colleagues, competitors and communities while inspiring us as Singaporeans. Good sport activates people to get involved. Good sportsmanship helps us bond as communities. 

Sport as a National Language

If we are to fully optimise sport as a vehicle to support the implementation of national priorities, we need to collaborate and coordinate the efforts of all agencies, including private sector organisations, to develop sport in Singapore.

Organising for Success

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