Enhancing the Impact and Contribution of Sport and Physical Activity for the Holistic Development of Children and Youth

Our goal is to provide all children and youth of Singapore the opportunity to play and pursue sport in and out of school, in structured and unstructured environments, regardless of their abilities, backgrounds, and needs. 
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Children And Youth Sport Framework

The Children and Youth Sport (CYS) Framework aims to serve schools through sport by enhancing sporting capabilities and quality of coaching, implementing a structure for robust sporting programmes, and using sport as a platform for leadership and character development. It consolidates the various work streams for greater synergy and impact through sport.

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ActiveSG Associate Partner Scheme

We will invite private sport academies and clubs to be affiliates of ActiveSG Academies and Clubs, so platforms for children and youth to participate in quality sport programmes will be more easily available.

These private academies and clubs will be encouraged to adopt the curriculum developed by NSAs. They can access incentives such as venue booking facilitation, potentially enabling them to increase their footprint and influence across the island. Affiliates will be accredited to ensure the quality of programmes while maintaining affordability for participants.

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A Support System For Parents And Teacher

Enabling holistic development in children and youth means that we must address the roles parents play in nurturing healthy, active children. We need to support parents in enhancing their roles as major influencers in the lives of children.

Additionally, for school-going children, interactions with teachers make up a large part of their day. Studies show that structural changes in the curriculum and exams have less impact on students’ achievements than the quality of a teacher on children’s cognitive and behavioural development.  Teachers, therefore, serve as another major influencer of a child’s development. We intend to support parents and teachers in two ways:

  1. Empowering the Home Environment

  2. Building a More Active Preschool Environment