Enhancing the High-Performance Sport System for a Strengthened

Athlete-Centric Environment

Our goal is to strengthen our High Performance Sport (HPS) through greater efficiency, consistency, and effective partnerships to enhance Singapore’s competitive edge, leading to sustained podium success at
Asia, World, Olympic, and Paralympic levels.
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Photo: Dyan Tjhia

Optimise The High Performance Sport System

In order for us to compete at a higher level, we need to ensure that our system has potential that can be actualised. A shared vision, excellent coordination, and an integrated approach with all stakeholders are essential for us to truly realise our HPS potential. 

The deployment of resources must be aligned to key priorities and capabilities. Any inefficiency resulting from misalignment of efforts or underutilisation of talent would be a waste. We must take a long-term approach to ensure a sustained commitment to high-performance success at major games. Funding mechanisms and sources should reflect collective ownership of our successes where all segments of society – government, corporates, and private funders – can come together as Team Singapore.


Photo: Richard W J Koh

An Ecosystem That Engenders Better Governance And Integrity Of Sport

Good governance, reputation, and integrity are essential ingredients in the successful development of sport. This is especially important in light of a number of high-profile international doping scandals and incidences of misconduct in sport. Such incidences remind us that in addition to entrenching our stance against misconduct, we must establish models of governance that are guided by industry best practices to protect the integrity of sport.