Serving the People, Enabling the Systems

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Vision 2030 was predicated on the question of how sport could be better employed to serve the best interests of Singapore. In a rapidly evolving world, how could sport help us adapt but retain our strong values at the same time?


Thus in 2018, we embarked on a review of Vision 2030. We had conversations with more than 3,000 people to examine how we could continue to bring value to society and support people’s aspirations through sport. The feedback we received confirmed that our aspirations for Vision 2030 remain relevant.


Read on to learn more about the eight focus areas for the next phase of Vision 2030, containing an array of recommendations designed to serve the people in a more focussed manner. Greater emphasis is also given to support and accelerate the development of an environment for a thriving sport ecosystem in Singapore. 

Holistic Development of Children and Youth 

Strengthened Athlete-Centric

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Enabling the Vulnerable and Persons
with Disabilities

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Performing Corporate Culture

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Enabling and Harnessing Active Ageing

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on the Asian Sports Industry

Reimagining and Regenerating Sports Infrastructure

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Leveraging Technology & Innovation

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