Capitalising on the Asian Sports Industry

Our goal is to capitalise on the region’s thirst for sport to develop our industry’s capacity, capability, and potential for innovation. This must be underpinned by strategies that would enable us to ride the wave of growth.
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An Ecosystem That Enables Sport Business Development

Close partnerships between SportSG, Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL)s, and industry players will help us anticipate and understand emerging trends and opportunities of the sport industry. Besides seeding potential for start-ups, we can provide the impetus for cross-sector expansion by established companies. We can enhance the sport industry by bringing together talent and expertise from various sectors and disciplines to drive innovation and the case for business.


We would need to explore the shape and form of an entity that would facilitate the development of an ecosystem that brings expertise and research capability together.


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A Marketplace For Ideas And Innovation

As the principal agency for sport promotion and development, and the owner of a significant share of local sports infrastructure, SportSG can deploy assets to nurture a marketplace for ideas and innovation. This would improve cost-effectiveness, service delivery, and user experience.


Whether for existing facilities or upcoming infrastructure projects, opportunities for a wide range of existing or new technology applications could be market-tested and developed into viable business propositions.