Reimagining and Regenerating Sport Infrastructure

Our goal is to bring better, more innovative facilities and programmes closer to Singaporeans so they can experience and enjoy active living at their doorsteps.

Photo: Richard W J Koh

Kallang Alive

In March 2017, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced plans to rejuvenate Kallang River over the next 20 years. It was indicated in URA’s Draft Master Plan 2019 that the Kallang River is to be ‘Revitalised, Reconnected and Activated’. The plans included enhancing the vibrancy of the Sports Hub and its surrounding locale as a sport, entertainment, and lifestyle node. We call this ‘Kallang Alive’, a precinct that would become a central destination for Singaporeans to engage in active living through sport and more.

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Network Of Play Spaces

We want to provide more play spaces for children to increase opportunities for unstructured play and to boost their development. Our Tier 4 facilities plan will see more progress with the construction of 20 sport-in-precinct facilities in the neighbourhoods over the next five years. We will also continue to open up more school facilities under the Dual Use Scheme with MOE.

Together with the land and housing authorities, we will identify and open more spaces in residential areas for community use. We could also activate underutilised spaces in commercial areas to enable better access for working adults and create an environment for work and play. Residents near these commercial areas could also enjoy the use of such spaces, particularly on weekends.