Leveraging Technology and Innovation to Transform Delivery and Efficiency

Our goal is to leverage technology to enhance how we deliver user experience, and enable the building of networks and systems for improved efficacy, productivity, and relevance to Singaporeans.
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Smart Sport Centres

We plan to introduce the next generation of sport centres in the heartlands to better serve and engage residents. Resident-centric approaches in the deployment of digital and smart technologies would enhance convenience and functionality for enjoyment, play, health, wellness, and safety. Smart technology would enable ActiveSG to be data-driven, so we can understand the needs and wants of members. It would also allow for opportunities for digital integration with public agencies such as the People's Association (PA).

Harness Data Intelligence

Deeper Engagement with the Masses -

Making the push towards a data-driven ActiveSG would allow us to create better experiences for Singaporeans. For example, while our current ActiveSG online booking system and mobile app allow users to browse and easily book programmes and facilities, we intend to create customised content for users, that are aligned with their interests.

Driving High Performance Through Technology -

We are currently developing an online platform ‘SportSync’ to support the high-performance ecosystem. Accessible to stakeholders of high-performance sport such as NSAs, athletes and coaches, this platform will allow for data management and sharing, thereby creating an information commons. The collection, organisation, sharing and analysis of data would promote the collective generation of insights, better decision making and help support elite athlete training and performance and coaching quality.

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Network Coordination And Business Data Partnership

Data and information can serve as valuable currency. They could be the starting point for strategic conversations we initiate with agencies in both sport and non-sport domains. Our work as one of the leading cities of the Active Citizen Worldwide study gives us capabilities to understand sport and physical activities as it relates to issues such as life expectancy, healthcare savings, and the economy. The availability of such data supplements our expertise in sport and physical activity and allows for better appreciation of the value they can truly bring.