Enabling the Vulnerable and Persons with Disabilities

to Discover the Value of Sport

Our goal is to enable the vulnerable and Persons with Disabilities (PwD) to experience and reap the benefits of sport by harnessing the power of sport to unite people from different communities and beliefs, instil confidence, and elevate one’s outlook on life.
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Photo: Andrew J K Tan

Communities Of Care

Everyone can play a part in enriching the lives of the vulnerable and PwDs. We intend to create opportunities and solutions that spark ideas, initiatives, and discussions, to further activate sport as a force for social good that benefits such communities, their families, and caregivers.


As we step up our efforts, we envision groups of like-minded corporates, organisations, and neighbours coming together to serve the community in a greater way, collectively forming Communities of Care (CoC). This CoC construct will also support the Disability Sports Master Plan (DSMP) in bringing sport opportunities to PwDs and those with special needs. In addition, it will help promote social inclusion and integration in the community through sport.

Communities of Care: The 3 Key Thrusts

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Developing and Maintaining SportCares’ Flagship Programming Initiatives

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Establishing SportCares Intermediary Organisations

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