Advocating a High Performing Corporate Culture Through Health and Wellness

Our goal is to change the way corporates view health and wellness in their organisations by enabling employers to learn how to utilise sport for human capital capability development efforts and augment development strategies for increased talent retention and productivity.
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Photo: Edwin Koh

Playbook For Corporates

Through initiatives such as the spexBusiness network, ActiveSG Corporate Membership, and Active Enabler Programme, we have seen corporates adopt a more proactive role in introducing efforts towards health and wellness. Now, we want to establish robust, systemic approaches that would influence and shape corporate culture through sport. We could partner organisations to study how a structured system of inculcating health, wellness, and sport could effectively deliver knowledge and information to employees and organisations at large.


The objective of a Playbook for Corporates is to enable corporates to adopt sport as an organisational strategy by making the relevant resources, programmes, and partnership opportunities more easily available.

We can draw parallels between performance in sport and performance in other realms of our lives. In uncovering the relevance of sport science, we could obtain new insights to guide us in the way we work.


For example, we could influence the way employees to take breaks and consume meals. Research in sports chronobiology tells us that the human body’s hormonal and glucose and levels fluctuate every 90 to 120 minutes. Athletes use this understanding to identify when they should refuel and recharge to recover.


We can apply analogous principles of nutrition and recovery to the workplace. Intentional practices and habits at work can go a long way to restore one’s overall capacity and maintain energy levels for optimal performance.

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